US Turns On Its Missile Defense Shield In Romania

The missile defense shield that the US has in Romania has been turned on in the event that missiles are coming out of the east, but it is really a way to show the Russians that the US takes them seriously. The two countries are entering into another cold war where they are clearly allies on one hand while they are clearly not on the other. Turning on the missile defense shield could have something to do with North Korea, but there is no way to know that unless people got a statement from the government.

The country is merely trying to be precautious, and they are going to leave it at that. They are going to leave the defense shield on until they think they do not need it, and they are going to make an announcement when they turn it off. That is something that might not happen any time soon, and there are a lot of people who are wondering what is going on with the Russians. They want to know if Russia is just talking a big game or willing to actually doing something.

The pseudo partnership between North Korea and Russia does not help because they already border each other. It is possible that the US government is concerned about both countries, but there is no way for everyone to know that because the US government has not said a word. They are not making statements about what they are guarding against, but a lot of people think that they are just being careful.

North Korea has been making relations very hard for the west because the west has only used sanctions to keep the North Koreans at bay while the North Koreans think that that is an act of war. They are testing missiles of their own, and they are probably more likely to hit South Korea than they are anywhere else. Most western countries are allies of the South Koreans, and that means that they are prepared to see an attempted strike on South Korea.

The missile defense shield is also something that people are going to have to think hard about because they need to realize that any country that takes action is going to start a chain of events that will not be pleasant for anyone. Someone who is trying to make the most of current events should remember that the missile defense shield is probably not necessary, but it is worth letting Russia and North Korea that America is awake

The problem with what happens in the east is that it cannot be predicted. Both Russia and North Korea have been making it hard for people in the west to take them seriously, and they are making it even harder because they are not looking like they will back down. America is clearly not the only country that is concerned, but it is the country that has the resources to pay for the missile defense shield in the first place.