Trump Insists GOP Asked Him to Find Donors at Primary in Spartanburg, SC

Donald Trump is looking forward to holding his very first presidential fundraiser this week and it has been noticed that it is going to be beneficial for his campaign. Nevertheless, Trump is not doing the worthy task for any benefits.

According to Trump, it is happening on the appeal of the Republican National Committee, which is going to help him being independent of donors. In a recent phone interview with The Associated Press, he said that he want to show some good spirit, as well as RNC, were keen on doing this.

Self-funding by Trump is a deed of pride for him that is being utilized in every rally and interview. Being a billionaire executive, he lent almost $43 million for his campaign, which are enough amounts for his primary bid.

He wrote on twitter that he is solely working for the people of U.S and by self-funding his campaign; he is free from any donors and their special interests. These fundraisers have made Trump gather many thousands of dollars for his campaign and his independence makes the reason for the voters to support him.

To keep his voters faithful he is giving the impression that this money is for the Republicans but it has been proved that Trump's campaign comes first. From every check, the first $5,400 goes to the campaign and the rest is distributed among RNC and 11 parties that they utilize to help republicans.

Recently RNC has shown interest in the presidential campaign activities like voter's identification and turnout. He denied the fact to the AP that he is not raising the money for the primary. However, when the agreement was revised he said that primary donations do not count as he defeated the GOP rivals.

He promised that he is not going to use the money to pay his loans. At the same time, he stated that he could proceed on self-funding even without RNC. Trump also disagreed on selling any of his assets to pay for the election. If however he does decide to go through a loan business, he can acquire this money instantly through a title loan company.

Trump's opponent having the $1 billion bid, his team is also rushing to schedule events for raising more money. On Tuesday for the financial operation, Trump and RNC are keen to announce new additions to the team.

It has been noticed that through the fundraising campaigns Trump is trying to win the presidency in Republicans, Senate, house and the Supreme Court. Not only is that it is also recovering the interest of many donors.

The two previous presidential fundraisers who are keen to join the financial team of Trump and sure that he will raise enough money to win. As Trump is self-funding, many donors are keen to help him. However, they are disappointed as he is not providing them any opportunity and they are eager to meet him. It has been noticed that Trump is never going to seek out with donors.