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WMAT&MA Museum’s Lowther Lightnin’ Scooter



The newly organized Adrian Area Historical Society has agreed to research, clean and label exhibits in the WMAT&MA museum collection under the direction of Mark McDonnell. The group will share information with readers on some of the many items they have found especially interesting.

When I first spired the dusty, dingy motor scooter in the WMAT&MA museum I thought “what is that?” Then I saw the name plate, Lowther Lightnin’. Being a retro guy I couldn’t forget it and needed to know more. By doing an internet search I found that the scooter was manufactured in Joliet, Illinois in the late 40’s and early 50’s by the Lowther Mfg. Co. and this company was later bought out by the Indian Motorcycle Company.

When the museum reopens in early spring come out to Frontier Village and give old Lightnin’ a look see. Any information on the scooter’s local history would add to its mystique and museum visitors’ knowledge. You too might find an item that sparks your curiosity. The Historical Society would welcome your efforts to increase your knowledge of our community.

The Historical Society will meet again January 6th, 9:30 a.m. at the Adrian Community Library. Please join us.


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