Sheriff’s Office leases old Coca-Cola building


The Bates County Sheriff’s Office has entered into a lease agreement with the property owner located at 905 N Orange, Butler, Mo 64730. The lease is a four year lease with the County taking ownership at the end of the lease term.

The leased building, located at 905 N Orange was originally the Coca-Cola building and later Kelly’s Trucking before becoming storage for Prospect Rentals. The building will see a new life with multiple purposes to include storage facility, vehicle processing facility and storage, along with records storage and K9 training facility.

The building is large enough to support the Sheriff’s Office inmate work programs that were started this summer. Currently the Sheriff’s Office utilizes volunteer inmates to perform community service projects like replacing the bleacher seats at the fairgrounds, picking up trash and mowing yards to name a few.

•• To read the full story, see the January 9 issue of The Adrian Journal.