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Summer vacations are coming to an end and people are getting ready for the 2014 - 2015 school year that begins on Thursday, August 14. Teachers have been getting their classrooms and lesson plans ready while students and parents are buying school supplies and back-to-school clothes. Secretaries returned to school this week to get everything in order, and custodians have worked diligently all summer to have a spit-shined school when the students return. Athletes and the marching band have participated in camps and practices are underway. Have a great year, Blackhawks!

For the complete story see the August 7 issue of The Adrian Journal.

Right: Kindergarten Teacher Lara Six makes flash cards for her new students.

Middle: Emily Reid leads the marching Blackhawks down the street.

Far right: Custodians clean up the lot across from the school.


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