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Frontier Village grounds bustled with activity during the Steam and Gas Engine Show


“I think this year’s show just might be one of the biggest and best ever,” said WMAT&MA member, Don Arndt. The Steam and Gas Engine show over the weekend drew scores of people from all across the county to exhibit tractors and other vintage machinery or to just look at the bits of history. Saturday’s bountiful attendance kept the WMAT&MA members busy with demonstrations and giving out information and directions and seeing to visitor and exhibitor needs as the Frontier Village grounds bustled with activity.

As always, there was plenty to see and do, from collector Oliver and other tractors, to the big and little trucks from many eras, to demonstrations of old time crafts that included everything from blacksmithing, to log sawing to the more homey crafts of turning flax into linen fabric.

Frontier Village was a showcase for history come alive, appealing to those who remembered when, to those of the modern era,
amazed at the amount of labor intensive work to put food on the table-from seed to finished product. Among this year’s newest attractions was a group of Civil War reenactors who sent up camp near the South Prairie Railroad. Another new attraction this year was a Garden City, Missouri woman’s demonstration of working with flax to make items from linen.

The more familiar attractions included the blacksmith shop, the old ice cream shop and the museum. Also on that list were the sound effects of the whistles of the steam engines and the smaller hit and miss engines which were scattered throughout the Village. Delicious scents filled the air from the tantalizing cooking meats (which included a whole roasting pig down near the Truck Display) and freshly popped corn and kettle corn.

All in all, the weekend was a fun event for Adrian residents and visitors and the WMAT&MA can add this success to their long list of shows over the past 34 years.

Right: The Collins Battery C Confederate States of America Civil War reenactors camped in Zimmerman Park near the South Prairie Railroad. The group was formed from men in the Garden City, and Metro Kansas City areas. They were led by Captain of the Infantry Joe Broski of Garden City. The men’s campsite also included Civil War era tents and military equipment.

Middle: Joan Bennett, of Garden City, MO, explains the process of turning flax plant fibers into yarn before it is spun into fine linen.

Far right: This old time wheat cutting and binding machine was used at Frontier Village to prepare wheat before threshing. Andy Asberry, a Godley, TX exhibitor at the show, said he spent many hours on a similar machine in his youth.


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