Check out the Patterson Manufacturing mowers at the Frontier Village Museum



As historical articles recording information on displays at Frontier Village are written, Pat Patterson must be remembered. The Western Missouri Antique Tractor and Machinery Association (WMAT&MA) is blessed to have more than one Patterson mower in the museum. Pat, working in his Patterson Manufacturing facility, determined the need for a better way to control grass. He was also knowledgeable of doing it correctly; therefore he applied for and was granted patent number US 2595976 on May 6, 1952.

This detail was quite a sight back in the 1950’s, but then today both the smoking and the lighting are all but unheard of. Times were different back then. His mower came about at a time local residents were developing a concern for keeping lawns looking good. Some grass was cut with the scythe used in farm fields, and grazing animals were often the lawn care equipment on farms. Reel type push mowers were available, but the grass had to be kept well trimmed due to the full manual labor requirement of them. There is at least one reel type mower in the WMAT&MA Museum.

Pat Patterson saw a need and fulfilled it very well. His patent specifically is for a Power Scythe and Stalk Cutter, but the Patterson Mower could be fitted with a saw blade for cutting small trees at ground level.

Many local residents have experience with the Patterson mower, so stories and selling prices would make an interesting continuation to be included in the cemetery mower article.

The full story can be read in the January 2 issue of The Adrian Journal.