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Blackhawk Pride!


The spirit of the Blackhawks is of utmost importance to our school and our community. It is a common theme among students and staff to boost Blackhawk Pride this school year. First year Adrian Student Council (STUCO) Advisor Megan Weers said that STUCO has plans in place to build school spirit, and the planning will continue throughout the year.

Homecoming is a Blackhawk tradition like none other. This year’s Homecoming is Friday, September 26. STUCO has chosen “Superheroes” as the theme, and plans are well underway. Floats will be constructed using this theme, as well as other things Homecoming-related. Everyone is invited to participate in the parade, including student groups (such as elementary students), school organizations, community groups like the VFW, businesses or families. For those interested in taking part in the parade, call the Adrian High School office at 816-297-2158 or email Megan Weers at

Pictured: With teachers Jeanne Erwin and Brian Tenholder, the AHS student council helped middle school students with their schedules and in finding classrooms and lockers.


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