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Bates County Sheriff’s Office completes issuing of 911 addresses

The Bates County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help in regards to E911. The Sheriff’s Office has completed issuing all the 911 addressing for each house in rural Bates County. Over the last several months the Sheriff’s Office mailed letters to everyone with the new addresses. Some of these addresses have been returned because the property didn’t have a mailbox or the mail is delivered to a Post Office Box. Sheriff Anderson said, “If you have NOT received your E911 address then I am asking you to contact Brian Bearce at the Sheriff’s Office 660-679-3232.”

The Sheriff’s Office has been working with each phone company in the county to move to the next phase. The final phase for E911 is to have special phone lines installed at the Sheriff’s Office to give a the caller’s location if the call is made from a land line phone. The call then will show on a map and the deputies will be able to identify the property on their laptops in the car. This information will speed up the response of emergency personnel to a call for service.

For the full story see the May 22 issue of The Adrian Journal.


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