Bates County deputies respond to a complaint of animal neglect



On 2/5/14, deputies responded to a complaint about animal neglect to find that the cows appeared to be underweight and the ice in the pond had not been broken for quite a while. There was electric fence around the pond and the cows could not access it if the ice was broken. When encountered by the owner of the cattle, he was agitated and very aggressive insisting the deputies get off his property.

On 2/6/14, the Bates County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant on the residence at RR2 Box 224, Butler, Missouri. The residence is located on Business 49 between Butler and Passaic. When deputies made contact with property owner Gary Anderson, they advised him he was under arrest and he attempted to retreat into the house. A short struggle between deputies and Gary ensued, causing the window in the back door to break. He was taken into custody without injury. Gary was transported to the Bates County Jail where he was placed on a 24-hour hold.

The search warrant was for the purpose of checking the health and wellness and take custody of the subject’s 22 cattle. Over the last year, the Sheriff’s Office had received multiple complaints from concerned citizens about the condition of the cattle in the field.

The Sheriff’s Office was assisted by a Vet with the Department of Agriculture. Based on the current conditions of the cattle and the lack of resources (feed, hay, water etc) at the farm, the cattle were taken into custody and moved to a secure lot. While they are in custody of the Sheriff’s Office they will receive the recommended medical treatment by a Licensed Veterinarian.

Gary C Anderson, 10/2/1951 was charged with six counts of animal neglect/abuse, bond was set at $16,000.00 cash or surety. Prosecutor Jenkins is reviewing the resisting arrest charge and may file that charge later today.

The cattle’s future will be determined in a disposition hearing within 30 days before the court.

For the full story see the February 13 issue of The Adrian Journal.