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Academic Success! Adrian R-III celebrates MAP test scores



MAP. Test scores. MAP. Test scores. MAP. Test scores. These three words are heard within the walls of Adrian R-III and in the Adrian community over and over again. MAP test results reflect that our Adrian Blackhawks are in fact learning, and they are achieving academic success a little more each year.

MAP tests are administered each year for students in Grades 3 - 11 as mandated by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The school district is evaluated by these scores. High tests scores are not indicative of funding. Funding is irrelevant when it comes to MAP scores. What DESE evaluates from the MAP scores are program/teaching effectiveness and the students’ educational growth. The DESE requirements are more stringent than ever, and Adrian R-III has been gradually preparing for the more demanding requirements. Teachers are rising to the challenge and are encouraging their students to do the same.

Dr. Kirk Eidson, R-III Superintendent, shared his Blackhawk Pride about the MAP test results. “I am very proud of the accomplishments of our staff and students. According to data available at, Adrian was in the top 10% overall in the state and also in 10 of the 25 categories that were tested on state assessments. Our students worked very hard to improve and there was only one grade level that did not improve their performance in math and Communication Arts from their performance at their previous grade level. Also, our teachers continue to strive to improve curriculum and teaching methods.”

Establishing a high level of education will make Adrian students of all ages more successful as they transition from grade to grade and when they leave the district for college and/or careers. Jeanne Meyer, Elementary Principal, said: “I am very pleased with the students performance last year and I look forward to an even better year this year. I believe in the success of all students and teachers.”

Pictured: 89.3% of English II students achieved Proficient or Advanced on the End-of-Course exams last spring. Front row: Alex Apple, Wyatt Aurand, Lacee Bagby, Kaitlyn Bell, Sadie Brewer, Kevin Bridges, Madison Diehl. 2nd row: Christian Graham, Rachel Gray, Brenton Greer, Bailey Hill, Ryland Howard, Jacob Hubbard. 3rd row: Willie Jacks, Justin Korn, Joshua Kussmaul, Justin Lacy, Michael Lopez, Kamiron Luptak, Kaili McCarl. 4th row: Justin McDonald, John Melton, Jarret Miller, James Naylor, Missy Perkins, Amanda Peters, John Petty. 5th row: Emily Potter, Drew Scott, Jarrett Self, Kayla Smith, Krista Smith, Austin Williams, Nathan Chamberlian. 6th row: Gregg Collins, Ashley Corbin, James Corbin, Josh Hawkins, Stacy LeRosen, Giovanni Morales, Weston Moore, Back row: Alan Shatto, Sam Ward, Alex Tindle.


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