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Fabulous fashions of the Victorian Age



The 6th Annual Ladies Spring Brunch at the Bates County Museum was held Saturday, April 5, featuring “Fabulous Fashions of the Victorian Age”.
White! White! White! White cotton. White organza. White linen. White silk. White ribbons and lace. A white dress was a must-have in every fashionable female’s wardrobe in the early 1900s. It was THE color. Today, we all know that a ‘little black dress’ can be prefect for just about any event – that is when we even consider wearing a dress! But back then, every special occasion during warm weather simply demanded a stylish young lady appear in white.

How fortunate we are that so many of these elegant gowns were saved and now make their home in our Museum. These dresses are indeed exquisite. The women who wore them must have also been quite exquisite.

Modeling the fabulous fashions of the Victorian Age at the Museum’s spring brunch were: Front row: Ava Underwood, Jaclyn Jacobs, Berkleigh Pierce. 2nd row:  Paige Pemberton, Kenison Hannah, Ayren Rapp. 3rd row: Hayley Underwood, Doris Fuller, Olivia Bagby. Back row: Jessica Cox, Taryn Cox.

(Photo by Jacque Underwood)


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