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R-3 students participate in MCTM District Math Contest


Qualifying Adrian students from the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades participated in the MCTM District Math Contest held on Saturday, April 5 at the Barstow School in Kansas City. This year testing procedures were vastly different than in previous years. Each student took four tests instead of two and one of those was a Team Test. Students accumulated points for each test taken, and the top five students from each grade level qualified to participate at the state competition that will be held at the UCM Campus in Warrensburg, MO on Saturday, April 26.  Adrian fourth grader Colton Bass qualified by placing fifth among the 46 fourth graders that were in attendance. I

Front row: Lukas Stone, Karley Reynolds, Robert Atchison, Tony Scaletty, Cole Ritter, Jace Reynolds, Gabe Kussmaul, Colton Bass, Micah Meade. Back row: Kyler Six, John Wackerman, Kellen Preston, Mary Wood, Christian Evans and Caitlyn Sass.


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