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Out with the old, in with the new



On Thursday, May 8th, the members of the Adrian FCCLA, Family Career and Community Leaders of America, Chapter held a meeting at 7:30 and had some important business to attend to. As the school year comes to a close, there is a need to install new officers in our chapter. The 2014-2015 Adrian FCCLA Chapter Officers are: Brooke Wilson, President; Kylie Robards, Vice-President; Sarah Geringer, Secretary/Treasurer; Hunter Chamberlain, Parliamentarian. Next year, one member of the chapter will be serving as a regional officer: Lydia Reynolds, Region 12 Vice President.

All incoming officers hope to increase membership in our local chapter and make the 2014-2015 school year one that not only members but other students will remember.

FCCLA members are pictured. Front row: Chase Osborn, Stacy LeRosen, Ally Jennings, Sheldon Tallman, Keylee McCanles, Maddie Reynolds, Kamiron Luptak, Logan Tallman, Brittany Wolford, Hannah Morrow. 2nd row: Drew Scott, Wyatt Aurand, Hunter Chamberlain, Josie Enlow, Emily Kennedy, Lydia Reynolds, Bailey Reed, Madison Deal, Missy Perkins, Kayla Smith. Third row: Tommy Martin, Shealey Mead, Taryn Gregg, Hollie Kloser, Quincy Keating, Emily Reed, Bailey Hill. 4th row: Steven Jacobs, Clayton Perryman, Colton Kimminau, Maddie Moore, Anna Walley, Paige Wimsatt. Back row: Brooke Wilson, Kalene Kiesel, Kylie Robards.

See the May 22 issue of The Adrian Journal for the full story.


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