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Game of the dueling Secondary Principals


It’s a game of the dueling Secondary Principals in Adrian and Archie! Who can improve test scores the most? Adrian Principal Don Lile says it is his students, and Archie Principal Jeff Kramers says it is his! The school with the highest increase on End-of-Course exams will be a part of something that has never been done before. The winning principal will set-up an “office” for the principal of the opposing school…on the roof! Dressed in the arch rival’s school colors, the principal of the opposing school will spend an entire school day on the roof.

End-of-Course testing for Adrian begins Tuesday, April 15. An assembly for Adrian secondary students will be Friday afternoon. Mr. Kramer will be in attendance. For Archie, End-of-Course exams being the following week on Wednesday, April 23. An assembly date/time will be determined soon. Mr. Lile will attend the Whirlwinds’ assembly.


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