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You can be a part of Once you've registered a user account with the site you can vote, comment, submit and bookmark. Signing up is easy. Go to the registration page and enter your name, address, username and email address. Your address and email address will not be shown to other site visitors. Entering your correct address is important if you ever plan on paying for your subscription online or submitting classified ads. Using your real name is a vital part of responsible conversation. People who break these rules could have their user accounts deleted. After you fill out the registration form you'll get an email with a validation link. Click on the link and you can log in and set your password.


Registered users are eligible to vote in Adrian Journal opinion polls. You'll find the poll on the top right of every page. Each user gets one vote, but if you change your mind, just click "Cancel your vote" and choose something else. If you have ideas for poll questions, send them in.


At the bottom of every news story, there's a link that takes you to a form for adding a comment. If you have something to say about a story, here's your chance. In keeping with the Adrian Journal editorial policy, you'll have to be signed in with your real name in order to post a comment. Comments will be held in a queue for staff approval to filter out inappropriate and unsigned comments as well as spam.


If you see a story or classified ad that you really like or that you want to revisit, add it to your favorites. You'll find a link at the bottom of every story that says "add to favorites." Click on it and the story will be put into your list of favorites, which you can view on your profile page. Click "My account" in the upper left to visit your profile.


When you place a print classified, you'll have the option of getting your ad listed online by the Journal staff. Or you can submit your own classified online. Once you've made arrangements for payment by phone or email, the ad will be approved and moved into the classifieds section.


We'll do our best to keep the conversation civil and suitable for all ages, but any user-submitted content belongs to that user and the Adrian Journal can not take legal responsibility for something a user says.


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